- Confidentiality and private account

- Delete your account

- Change your password 

- Report

- Block an user

- Unfollow 

Confidentiality and private account : You can decide to put your account invisible with the feature private account. You just have to tick in the suggested case and you will become invisible to the other users.

Delete your account : You just have to go in profil and to scroll to the end of the page. Then you will find the buttom ''delete my account"". Once you will have tick this buttom, your profil will be delete for good in the last 30 days.

Change your password: To change your password you have to be disconnected from the app. Once on the menu of connection, tick on ''forgot my password'' to receive a mail of reinitialisation.

Report: We are sorry to know that you encounter an issue with an user of our app.

In order to prevent any problem, you can go to the contact zone to report the person who you are in conflict with.
Once on the zone, you can click on the dotted button located on the right side of the user name that you want to report. 

The Lifistic's staff will settle the situation.

Block an user: As the same process of the report, you can block an user.

Unfollow: You can decide to unfollow an user on your feedback by clickinck on the dotted button which is located aside of the user name. The button ''unfollow'' will appear and there you are with a cleared feedback.